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Towing Information 
Towing is still a worrying prospect and a bit of a 'black art' to some newcomers to the caravanning lifestyle.
Click here to go to Hayman Reese for all the information you need. Plus

 David and Justine Olsen sent me this information about their towing courses and there's also a link to Tow-Ed who run towing courses in a number of places.

Towing Education Courses are available for those who wish to learn to tow safely. Towing can be a way to enjoy your favourite pastime, whether it be taking the boat to a new fishing spot, getting your horse to competition or caravanning across the country. To tow with safety and confidence, a few basic skills need to be learned first.

David and Justine Olsen provide Towing Education in Queensland. Web Site
Other Tow-Ed instructors offer courses in other states of Australia.
The one-day towing course has been developed to enable drivers to understand the relationship between car and trailer. This is a very practical course, and we progressively build your knowledge and skills so you can venture out confidently and safely with your trailer.
The Course covers
 The off-road trailer course option includes the general towing course content and is for the more adventurous, with suitable vehicle and trailer. This is run on bush trails and puts your new skills into practice.
In Partnership with Tow-Ed

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