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Spring clip type clothes pegs can be used to keep opened bags closed, take the place of fiddly closures on sliced bread, substitute as a clip to keep loose papers together and even peg clothes on a line.

Glasses travel OK in stubby holders or in holes cut to size in polystyrene. Ours live in a cut down carton with several layers of polystyrene with holes for different sized glasses. (You can cut the holes with an empty tin heated over a flame but you can get into trouble if you do it in the kitchen - the smell is shocking and probably toxic!)

Wire coat-hangers can have the hooks bent around so that they never jump off the rails even on severely bumpy roads.

Where you have separate outlets for the shower and sink, a bucket can be adapted to have the water run into the top and then exit through an outlet screwed into the side at the bottom connected to the waste hose. This eliminates the problem of poor outlet flow caused by water backing up in the waste pipe.

Check the alignment of other people's TV antennas when you arrive in a caravan park or campsite - chances are they point in the right direction.

Cook double the amount of casseroles, curries, stews, etc. that you need, put it into a container in the fridge and you have an easy to prepare meal at the end of the next day's travel.


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