Geraldton to Perth via the Brand Highway (Hwy 1)
Total distance 424km.
All distances are measured from Geraldton

After leaving the delightful city of Geraldton the highway hugs the coast for a while as it goes past the Greenough river mouth. An interesting historic hamlet on the left could be worth a visit if you have the time and interest on the way to Dongarra (64km).

At Eneabba (137km) roads branch off to Three Springs and Carnamah and then the highway continues past the Half Way Mill Roadhouse;

A number of coastal townships can be reached by taking the turnoff that says ėJurien via the scenic routeķ, and this would also take you to Cervantes - gateway to the incredible Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park. These extensive and dramatic limestone pillars rising out of the desert surface can be viewed from a track marked out with rocks. An alternate way to get there is to continue on the highway until the Cervantes turnoff (203km) and use the 21km of sealed road to reach the coast.

The highway passes through rich farming country with no major towns as it continues south but there are roadhouses at Cataby and Windmill on the way to Gingin (323km) where a left hand turn would let you go to Northam on the Great Eastern Highway (Hwy 94) if you wanted to by-pass Perth and head east.

At Muchead (358km) the alternate route from the north - the Great Northern Highway (Hwy 95) - joins Highway 1 for the final run into Perth via Midland (412km) and the eastern suburbs. Before descending the hill down to the suburbs, there is a National Park on the right with magnificent views over the city and its surrounds.