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Q New club starting in Jimboomba,Qld. Would you know the name of this club,and how to contact them?

I live in this area
A Thanks for the email and question about caravan clubs. I'm sorry but I don't know the club you mention.

You might like to ask Deirdre Mulder as she may be able to put you on the right track.

Combined Caravan Clubs of Qld Inc:
Mrs Deirdre Mulder
62 Equestrian Drive,
Ph: 3200 0096 Fax: 3200 0671
Mobile:0407 527 627

Q Howdy.  Seem to have left water in the tank too long.  Now cannot clear the yukky taste by flushing.  What is best to freshen up the 80 litre underfloor, plastic, fresh water tank.
 Tanks for help. 

A tanks for the email and question.

I've never had this problem but probably something like Aquafresh could do it. Caravan accessory suppliers would be the best bet as they are bound to keep something for this purpose.

Mostly the foul taste comes from a hose that has been left in the sun and the water not run long enough to clear the bad water caused by this.

Some of the things you could put in to kill the algae if that's the problem, would probably leave their own bad taste.

Q My husband and I are complete dummies and are about to begin our travels around Australia and have no idea where to begin on the subject of communciation.  We have heard a lot about UHF and CB radios and have no idea what we should be looking for as there seem to be so many choices. I would also like to keep a diary and think a laptop may be useful for this purpose and then there are digital cameras and the mobile phone situation.  There seem to be too many choices with phones, we need to know which is the cheapest way to go.
We find it all too confusing and would very much like some help in this area.

A Thanks for the email and questions.

I know communications is/are a source of confusion when you are travelling. However there are various ways of keeping in touch that are not too expensive.

A laptop will be useful for your diary but if you want to use it for email with a mobile phone it can get quite expensive. Cheaper for emailing is to visit libraries and use their free computer service or internet cafes or caravan park kiosks in some better parks.

Telstra have 'My Hour' on some plans and with that you can talk to any phone in Australia during a nominated hour for just the connection cost. You get 20 minute blocks so you can hang up and ring again or make a number of calls in that hour. Unfortunately there are large parts of the country were the mobile won't work although it is improving all the time.

CBs are OK for short range communications although we rarely use ours. UHF is the way to go these days. Could be useful in an emergency as you can talk to truckies and get them to pass on a message for you. Satelite phones of course keep you in touch all the time but are still expensive.

CDMA mobiles have a bit better coverage that ordinary digital phones and you can extend their range with an antenna.

There is a chapter on communication in my book, 'Australia Calling'.

Digital cameras are great. You can load the pictures into a laptop for your diary or send them to rellies and friends. Cheapest way is to put them on a cd and send them by mail as it's too expensive to email them by mobile phone. That way you can send in full resolution.

Q I'm really glad to have found your website! I've been looking around for a while now and haven't found any other sites that have been as useful.

What I've been trying to find out is if I need to comply with any Australian Standards, rules, regulations, requirements, etc if I want to refurbish a caravan. If I do, where do I find out what they are? My main intent is to renovate the interior to décor that my wife and I prefer, and later on (with experience) maybe modify the exterior to add a skylight/sunroof and external access to a storage compartment.

I would really appreciate any answers or leads you can give me. I live in Gosford NSW - if that's of any help.

A Thanks for the email and kind remarks about the web site.

There are no requirements for refurbishing the inside of your van - it would only apply if you started altering the mechanical side of things of the chassis or A-frame. Gas fittings, plumbing and electrics are other things that would need licenced people to alter but there's no problem with changing cupboards, layout decor etc.

There would be no problem with a skylight or external storage access as far as I know.

Thanks for the information, Lionel. I didn't expect a reply so soon and was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Glad to know I don't have to muck around getting standards and stuff. I've bookmarked your site and will be returning to it regularly

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