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Although there are a lot of insurance companies willing to offer coverage for caravans and RVs there are some who refuse to insure people who have sold their homes and are travelling full time. You can use sites like captain compare to check out different insurance quotes from multiple companies.

Complaints from readers of my column 'On the Wallaby' have brought to light the fact that Australian Pensioners Insurance (APIA) not only refused at that time to cover full time travellers' caravans but their motor vehicles as well.

Their exact words in an email to me were: 'AAI/APIA do not insure caravans whilst touring without a fixed address. Our premium rating is based on the area where the caravan is normally garaged, while the caravan is touring they go from one place to another which would mean that they would have to contact us each place they stay to revise their premium.'

However in an email dated 1.5.06 APIA has informed me of a change to their guidelines so the above no longer applies.

" In response to an increase in full-time travellers requesting cover for their caravans and motorhomes without a fixed address, we have changed our underwriting guidelines. I'm pleased to advise that APIA now covers both caravans and motorhomes where a customer is travelling full-time and therefore has no fixed address - this is just another way we demonstrate understanding for the changing needs of people over 55 and not working full-time.

Given this change in our underwriting guidelines, could you please update the article on the Caravanning & RVing in Australia website, it is important to APIA that our customers know we're here for them."

We have always had excellent service from CIL Insurances and have no hesitation in recommending them. Their phone number is 1800 112 481

There are plenty of other companies including the NRMA, GIO, CGU, and the RACV who will extend cover providing you have a mailing address and some means of contact if a claim arises.

MHIA (Manufactured Homes Insurance Agency) no longer insure caravans although they will honour existing policies.

A  policy is being offered called 'Caravaners Complete Insurance' and they are geared towards the touring caravanner in particular. The can cover the van itself, contents to $10,000 including public liability cover similar to the coverage you get when insuring your house contents,


Before heading off on that big trip make sure your insurance policy covers you adequately and that your public liability cover will take care of things should your dog bite someone or your fishing line hook a person and not a big fish!




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