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Caravan World - Australia's leading RV magazine:

"...(Lionel Mussell) is one of of those fellows whose life experiences have prevented him from taking himself too seriously. It is this endearing quality which makes his writings appealing to so many...The 'ABC of Caravanning' has become a treasured handbook for many new and experienced caravanners alike; now it is to be joined by another book - 'The BIG ONE'

covers subjects ranging from choosing a caravan, planning and budgeting, to communications and emergencies, then takes the reader through the essentials of preparation with check lists of what to take in terms of equipment and supplies.

Essentially Lionel Mussell takes the anxiety out of planning and carrying out that extended tour that many dream about. When you've read
The BIG ONE, you'll put it down and say, 'I can do that!'

And also - from
Joan Green (Editor): "Much more than just another 'good read' from well known caravanning exponent Lionel Mussell, this latest compilation of his entertaining articles will be a source of comfort to anyone seeking information and advice as they plan their holiday of a lifetime."

Mal Dale (Syndicated caravanning writer & member of the organising committee for the 1999 National Caravan Clubs Rally)
"...Two excellent books, not available in bookstores but direct from author Lionel Mussell, contain a wealth of information on every possible subject new caravanners, and those who have years of caravanning experience behind them, will ever need...The second book, recently released, is titled
'The BIG ONE: The Caravanners' Guide to the Round Australia Trip'...Even though I am a caravanner with 30 years experience and have travelled all over Australia, I found both books full of good information and very easy to read.

The humorous pieces were well told, and best of all, they are both good value for money. It matters not how much knowledge you obtain over the years, there is always something to learn in books like these..."

Patrick Hayes (Editor of 'On the Road' magazine)
"...His (Lionel's) new book, 'The BIG ONE, The Caravanners' Guide to the Round-Australia Trip', provides all the information and the incentive that anybody will need, to get them on the road and revelling in the joys of what Lionel calls being 'on the wallaby'...He has provided basic advice on how to choose the rig for the trip, checklists, budget suggestions and a six-month itinerary that gives an excellent overview of what the trip entails and the joys that lie in store along the way. When I'd finished reading the book, all I wanted to do was hitch up and head out. I think it will have the same effect on other readers..."

Adrian Ryan - of 'Australian Caravanning and Camping'
by Lionel Mussell (ISBN 0-9585320-0-1) is an attractively produced book consisting mostly of articles by the author previously published in Caravan World and Outdoor Life magazine. There is advice on choosing a van, preparation and budgeting for a trip right around Australia. A major feature of the book is a detailed 6-month sample itinerary for an around Australia trip written in a diary fashion. While it gives experienced tourers cause for reminiscing or debate, it will prove most useful to first-timers ñ at least (as the author intends) as a starting point. I think this part of the book would be of particular value to overseas visitors contemplating an extended tour of Australia in a rented campervan or motorhome. The revised edition (March 2000) includes a selection of chapters from Lionel's previous book, The ABC of Caravanning, hitherto out of print. This is a welcome compilation, as it means that more people will have the chance to consider (and debate!) an experienced caravannerís views on a variety of topics from A-frames, through Hoses and Ovens, to Zappers.

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia: )
Lionel Mussell has been writing a monthly column in Caravan World for years (more years than most of us have been motorhomers) about his travels and really knows all about touring. He has written two well-known books on touring and requirements that suit motorhomers as well (Planning and Budgeting, Preparation and Check Lists, Life on the Road, Recording your Trip, A 6-month Itinerary, Emergencies, H-ose Fittings, L-eads, K-nives, O-Outback Travel and O-vens, R-adio reception and R-elaxing, T-ables, and much much more. So it doesn't matter that Lionel and Vi travel towing a caravan, he is a repository of really good information. He writes "I've just added an article to my web site called 'Touring Down Under' - a story which appeared as a double page spread complete with pictures in the - March 2001 - edition of 'Caravan Magazine' in the UK".

(The 'ABC of Caravanning' and 'The BIG ONE' are now out of print but the revised version of 'The BIG ONE' incorporated the best of the ABC).

Lionel's current 'Australia Calling. The RV Travel Handbook' contains much of his earlier information plus extensive Route Notes on every major Australian highway

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