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RACV announces new benefits for caravanners

In the September 2005 edition of 'RoyalAuto' the RACV announced new benefits for caravan owners.

Previously your tow vehicle had to break down before you could get assistance from the RACV often to the surprise of members who thought they were covered.

All that has changed and, in line with most other States, Victorian caravanners can now relax when they head off on their big trip knowing they are covered if the worst happens and the van suffers a major breakdown.

Here's what they said in RoyalAuto:

RACV Total Care Members have some new benefits to assist them when their trailer or caravan has broken down. There is now no requirement for the towing vehicle to have broken down to be entitled to benefits. As long as the towing vehicle is covered by your membership, RACV can help Total Care members in the event of mechanical breakdown, accident or theft associated with their caravan or trailer.

The new benefits are:

Replacement of personal effects up to $275 for any one event per membership year.

Towing (except for an accident) either to a maximum of 100km (in metropolitan areas) or, in regional areas, to the nearest RACV Service Centre.

Trailer hire to a maximum of $100 for any one incident.

Locksmith services to a maximum of $165 for any one incident.

Special towing equipment to a maximum of $220 per tow.

Furthermore, if the member is more than 100km from their home address, and the caravan or trailer is at a place of repair as a result of a breakdown or acccident, Total Care entitles the member to up to 10 nights' accomodation at up to $110 per night.

Extra Care and Roadside Care members also now get wheel change and limited mechanical assistance for their caravan or trailer without the towing vehicle having to have broken down.

For more details on the benefits of Total Care, Extra Care and Roadside Care, call 13 19 55, visit any RACV Shop or go to

Caravanners who are members of other State motoring organisations should check with their own State to make sure they are covered before going on a trip




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