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A National Voice for Caravanners

Until recently there was no united voice to express caravanners’ views - but that’s changed with the formation of the ‘Australian Caravan Club’ an organization set up by a small band of dedicated and visionary caravanning enthusiasts.

The  club produces a quarterly colour publication called ‘The Nomad’ to keep members informed of developments in the world of caravanning and the activities of their club and distributes a Newsletter between publication of The Nomad. We also have a website and members forum at:

Membership is not limited to caravanners – most camper-trailers qualify under the clubs definition of an eligible unit. The wording for the qualifying unit is defined as -"a registered caravan or similar unit of mobile accommodation with inbuilt facilities for sleeping and food preparation, which is designed to be towed by a powered vehicle upon Australian roads"

No Conflict

The club is not in conflict with existing Caravan Clubs and Associations as it sees it role as something quite different to the mainly social role of most caravan clubs. In fact there is a real expectation that members of clubs will be among the first to realise that caravanners need a strong, united presence to make their views known to all levels of Government and that the Australian Caravan Club provides the way to achieve this.

An example of the potential for growth can be seen in the UK where two major clubs – The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club have hundreds of thousands of members between them and offer huge member benefits including chains of club owned caravan parks, discounts on a large range of products, route planning assistance, etc. A sizeable number of people belong to both clubs.

Although it will be a while before our Australian counterpart can operate on that scale, the groundwork has already been put in place for rapid membership growth and provision of benefits.

Solid Basis

A great deal of work went into the drawing up of the eighteen page Constitution that covers every aspect of the club’s operation as a Limited Company. This includes having a Board consisting of a Chairman and five Directors including the Secretary and Treasurer.

I am the Chairman of the Board. I've been caravanning off and on for nearly sixty years both in Australia and in the UK. Besides running this website, I write a monthly column called 'On the Wallaby' in Caravan World, Australia's most popular RV magazine.
Much of the workload of running an organization falls on the shoulders of the Secretary and the club is fortunate to have Alan Lazarus in this position.  Another Board member is experienced caravanner, Rob Tudor, who lives in Melbourne and is our Treasurer and Webmaster. ( Rob has worked in IT with a major bank and has extensive financial experience. Completing the management team are NSW Grazier, Tom Smith and Queenslanders Craig Humphry and Jenny Beausang.

The Sky’s the Limit

With branches already operating in  Queensland, New South Wales. Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, the club caters for members who like to get together to enjoy themselves with like-minded people who share their chosen lifestyle - although there is no obligation for members to join branches.

 Although only four years old the club already has more than 2,000 keen caravanners involved and is growing rapidly.There is a huge potential for the club to continue expanding into a force to be reckoned with once we have a much larger base of members enjoying many benefits including a top insurance scheme, discounts, technical advice, social gatherings, and much, much more. Through our presence at major caravan shows the club is becoming recognised by the RV Industry as a worthwhile and increasingly influential RV organisation.

For more information or to download a Membership Application Form go to:
Or write to: The Secretary, Australian Caravan Club, PO Box 631, PATTERSON LAKES, Vic. 3197. Freecall: 1800 734 493

Or contact me direct:
                Lionel Mussell
                Chairman and Publicity Officer, Australian Caravan Club
                Phone: 03 59758630  Email:

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